Yeladim Books is an online collection of animated talking picture books, chapter books, and read alongs for the young at the young at heart.

As a division of TumbleBooks, this collection benefits not only because of our relationship with North America’s leading children’s book publishers, but also because of our cutting edge book player technology which has made us the world leader in the field.

The collection is available 24/7 on any and every device and allows for unlimited access!

Watch your children’s and student’s joy as they see their favorite Jewish story books come alive on your laptop, ipad or even iphone at bedtime!

While the majority of the titles are unquestionably and unmistakenly Jewish in theme , nature, and content, others, like Helping Out is Cool, highlight Jewish values such as Tikun Olam.

Our growing list of Hebrew books are our pride and joy as are titles by notable Israeli writers such as Etgar Keret

Yeladim Books combines modern day technology such as our AI informed read-alongs with a 5000 year old culture and tradition in order to create a timeless collection .